A little over a year ago I used the hashtag #FaithfullYLGBT to share a story I wrote for my blog at Religion News Service. My, then, blog was named FaithfullyLGBT and I wanted to use the hashtag to share my writing and keep it all in one place. I wanted people to be able to click #FaithfullyLGBT and be able to see all of my posts. 

Well #FaithfullyLGBT became much more than just about my posts and my blog.  #FaithfullyLGBT is now an interfaith hashtag for queer people of faith. It's a place for LGBT people of faith to share news stories, share their own stories, and find other people going through similar experiences in places of worship. I has become quite the vibrant online community. 

Last fall, I created merchandise for this community. I wanted to have T-Shirts that signified the wearer was both an LGBT person and a person of faith. After hearing how excited people were about the shirts, I thought there were many avenues that were lacking when it came to the intersections of faith, sexuality, and gender; The biggest, for me, were the lack of stories. 

I travel all around the country going to conference on faith and sexuality, encountering countless stories of individuals on the intersections of faith, sexuality, and gender. The #FaithfullyLGBT photo series came out of wanting to share these stories.

So, I started this Indiegogo with the hopes that my readers and supporters share the same vision. So far, I’ve paid the freelance team out of pocket. Everyone contributing to my team is a queer person of faith and I want to pay them for their incredibly work -- competitively. 

Five  thousand is the minimum I would like to get this project off the ground. The goal is to have money to pay the team for their incredible work, pay travel & board to various cities for photo shoots, launch a website, buy camera equipment (lights/mic), file for nonprofit status. 

Freelance budget: $1500 Launch website + monthly upkeep $500
Camera Equipment: $600
File nonprofit status: $600-$900
Travel budget: $1500

The monies are only given to us if we REACH OUR GOAL. It's also important to note we do not get the full five thousand IndieGogo. There are fees taken out both for Indiegogo and the transfer fees. 

If we can pass the five thousand dollar goal, we would begin to do more cities for photo shoots and work on video as well. My team, so far, includes Gay Christian blogger and graphic designer Matthias Roberts, photographer Daniel Rarela , and the person who keeps the money in check Austen Hartke . I want to grow the team and expand the freelancers I use (primarily focusing on getting some women on our team ASAP!)

We have thirty days to get this project funded or we don't get a penny. This is where you come in. I need people not just to give but to share the campaign -- in creative fashion!

Some ideas to help the campaign:
1. Write a blog post on what #FaithfullyLGBT means to you and share the campaign.
2. Make a YouTube video on why this series is important.
3. Commit to making 15 personal asks to friends & family you know could help.
4. Ask your local faith community if they would do a mini fundraiser for the project

Those are just some ideas. However you decide to help, know that we need your help to get this project funded. It's through community that FaithfullyLGBT became what it is today and it's community that'll get us to our goal.