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I curated #27Bistories, a four part series that covers four questions based on 27 different bisexuals’ answers in various types of relationships, for The Advocate.

I included a hashtag in the title so that readers could have a chance to interact with the series on various social media platforms. The questions asked bisexuals to share their coming out experience, the importance of their bisexual identity while in relationships, the biggest misconceptions faced by bisexuals, and an opportunity for bisexuals to have a platform rarely given to them. 

I wanted to make #27BiStories to have a diverse range of bisexual experiences which lacked in both secular and LGBT media. I interviewed individuals from all over the country, and a few outside of the USA, of all different backgrounds. All of them were currently in a relationships that ranged from monogamous, to polyamorous, to couplings that didn’t have a label. 

The responses from the bisexual interviewees were incredibly moving and I wanted to have visual representation of their quotes which led to the creation of 24 bisexual memes that accompanied the series.  

#27BiStories explores the complex relationships bisexuals are in.